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Ava’s Lair: The Three-Legged Race

Ava and Stellamia

Ava and Stellamia

At the five F’s festival on Farmer’s cay  they had a three legged race. I teamed up with Stellamia from the boat Free Spirit. We are exactly the same size. After we tied our legs together we stood at the starting line. We had to compete against a 12-year old boy named Keegan from Free Spirit who partnered with 9 year old Forrest from Terrapin. We were nervous because they were a bit bigger than us.

The  race began. Stellamia and I were like one animal running  as fast as a cheetah.  There were three rounds. We won the first, tied the second and almost beat  the boys on the third, and they weren’t even tied together!

Later at the Georgetown Regatta, the race was opened to anyone who wanted. We raced against 3 sets of parents, including my mom and dad, and came home with the Blue!3contenders