Freshen the Nip

To “freshen the nip” means to take up or slacken a line to prevent it from wearing through, and to change the chafe to a different place. Everyday life chafes us in certain areas- getting through our long Nederland winter, the daily grind… and so, we are off on this adventure to freshen the nip!

Yesterday, we sailed out of Nederland on a broad reach in our 1986 VW westfalia van eastbound for Virginia.  For you landlubbers, a broad reach is when the wind comes across the aft quarter. We tried to take a picture of mile marker 420 in  Colorado, but as we came upon it, it looked like 419 again so I missed the shot. It is actually 419.99 as 420 must have kept going missing for some reason…

Spent the night at Wilson State Park in Kansas, thanks to our Kansas experts Jennie and Scott. We got in at 10pm on Saturday night of Labor Day weekend and scored a sweet spot overlooking the lake for $11. Good to be in a safe and comfortable spot for the night while on the road….highly recommended (but a little crowded this weekend).

Got a late start (lost a valuable hour with the time change from Colorado) at 11am with brutal 30 mph south winds on our beam. When sailing, we call this a beam reach and it is the fastest point of sail. But as we are essentially driving a refrigerator (with no sails) down the road, it’s  not really helping our Virginia or Bust cause.

Looking forward to some St Louis BBQ for dinner….20140831_145314


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