Shiver me Timbers!


We are moving on to a boat for the school year.  When?  Where?  Why?


3 Weeks and Counting:

Dave, Ava and I will be setting a course due east in our VW Westfalia Van to Virginia, where Whisper, our 1977 Shannon 38 awaits.


We don’t know where we are going. We have sailed this beauty 3 times and although she is dreamy and solid and safe and lovely, we are new to her and she is new to us. We are planning to sail the Chesapeake in September to get to know her and then head south. How far south? That is a good question.

Why? (3 part answer)

1) Why not?

2) It’s been talked about, dreamed about, and googled for years. And then Whisper showed up with all the right things: rig, look, and price being at the top of that list. When we dreamed of this, Dave knew I wouldn’t live on an ugly boat. I wanted a boat that looked like a classic wooden boat but fiberglass. We looked for about 5 years. Every boat that looks like a classic wooden boat that is fiberglass is way out of our price range. Except Whisper! We saw Whisper and fell in love. I did not want to fall in love. I wanted to say no. We plunged, our hearts pattered, more from sheer anxiety than excitement.

3) I want to simplify. You know when you spend days moving piles from one room to another- trying to organize, declutter and find stuff? I need a break from that. I want to have fewer things. I started with my clothes. I gave bags and bags away. We cleaned out books- you know, even those BOXES of books that are in your (fill in the blank- attic, basement, garage)? We gave 4 or 5 boxes of books away. We actually filled 5 VW vanloads of crap and hauled it off to the thrift store. GOOD RIDDANCE. I don’t even know what we got rid of.

I have 8 more boxes to go through before we leave if anyone wants to come over for a beer.



One thought on “Shiver me Timbers!

  1. Christel Astin

    You gave us the “sailing bug” 7 years ago and ignited a dream to live aboard one day. After many seasons of sailing Cape Cod on our 22 ft day sailor with you, David, and Ava, the dream became a reality. We have been cruising and living on our 43 ft Catherine for 15 months….we sailed over 5000 nautical miles on her, cruising from gig to gig. You know how my anxiety set in before our leg down to the Caribbean from NYC: how would we afford this lifestyle? It worked and then some. When you are where you should be, all the cards fall into place. Thank you for sharing your passion to two musicians who would have never thought they would be doing it. It is a beautiful life and we can’t wait to anchor up next to Whisper soon. Xoxox


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