The Crossing

In West Palm we met a cousin of my dad’s I’d never met.  She treated us to an awesome breakfast at Paris in Town, she drove me all over creation so I could get Ava her new kayak for Christmas. Ava is sooo psyched about her new “wheels” and has used it for all types of things like exploring and freeing stuck fishing lines. Thanks Lisa!

We motored down to Fort Lauderdale with Piper and anchored in Lake Sylvia. You should have seen us, in this super crowded anchorage, we came in, parked the boat, dropped the hook and were done. Just. Like. That. We were like anchoring pros, ha!

Ft Lauderdale is pretty cool when you have a little boat to get around on- there are waterways like roads everywhere.  And lots of big fancy mansions on the water with all their big fancy boats parked our front and Christmas lights galore.   I, however, am not much of a city gal, and our weather window to get to Bimini was getting smaller every day. Piper was waiting on a document, so Whisper sailed south to Key Biscayne, south of Miami. This place is awesome. No Name Harbor, where we anchored, is very  protected, surrounded by a wonderful park with bike paths and golf carts. It was a hideout for pirate boats in years past. Ava became our chauffeur extraordinaire on our dinghy (diablo rojo). She is becoming quite the rower!

We left at 4 am the next morning to go to Bimini. It is 50 miles across and I have had anxiety about the crossing since we bought the boat. I could not wait another day to get this behind me. The crossing was so benign I can’t believe I was so concerned for so long. But I have reason, for I have been in bad weather in the Gulf Stream, and it is nothing I would ever want to do again.

We fished all the way across the Gulf Stream but caught nothing, not even a bite! The water temperature crossing over reached 87.8 degrees. We got in  around 3pm. As soon as we got into Bimini,  we watched 6 ft spotted eagle rays cruise beneath us. The water is so clear and green you can see to the bottom.

We did find a great little place on the beach called Sheri’s. We had a beer while Ava collected handfuls of beautifully polished sea glass. The ice cream truck went by and Sheri yelled at the top of her lungs to her son Albert, to get Ava an ice cream too. The Kalik’s were so cold they had just a thin layer of ice in them….  hot day, beautiful clear water, ice cream and an ice cold beer.

We are staying at Bimini Bluewater Marina.  Ok, so we were not going to splurge on a marina, but it was only $1/ft, and we were sooo tired! It has a pool that is unfortunately  closed. We found a nice family with a 10 year old daughter and 13 year old son. Ava and Rachel fished the entire day on the dock. They were soooo busy. We saw a few 6 ft tarpon, some rays, including some eagle rays with a tail longer than me, sergeant majors, a flounder, needlefish, and more. Ava told me her shrimp lure worked well as all the fish kept nibbling at it. She found that they like it when she bounced the lure on the sea bottom. We are psyched that Ava likes to fish so much. Hopefully, she will catch us dinner soon!

We got electricity hook up so we could watch a movie.  Ava is really into this series called Liberty Kids about the Revolutionary War that Piper lent us. This series is great!! After our autumn in Virginia and coming down the East Coast I got a bit fascinated with the Revolutionary War. I am loving the series as well. It has an all star lineup too.

We have another long passage to get to the eastern Bahamas. Not sure if we will end up in the Berrys or Nassau to get to the Exumas. Hoping we find Piper to celebrate the holidays.

Happiest of  Hannakahs, Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of Kwanzaas to all of you. If you are reading this, know that we are missing you and hoping you are warm and safe.

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